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Snowdrop Doula Cafe

We will be running a variety of support groups in Snowdop Doula Café for local parent and babies. These groups add on to what we are already doing at our other store Snowdrop Doula. We will have things such as story time, healthy eating, budget cooking, grow to eat. We will also have various drop in clinics with our specialist staff in regards to all things pregnancy, birth and beyond. Food  will be an extension of our current food share, that we’ve had in our shop since we opened, and foods cooked with parents on the groups, plus coffee etc that we already offer in the shop for those on the groups or dropping in (this tends to be booked) for support.

Our service users are all parents with preschool children, or are pregnant. We will only be open for our specialist groups, it’s very specialized and booked on/ referred by other services.