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Emmaus Burnley

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Buy quality furniture, white goods, homewares and more to support formerly homeless people by giving them a place to live and work.

Background Information about the work we do

Emmaus Burnley supports formerly homeless people by giving them a home, meaningful work in a social enterprise and an opportunity to get back on their feet again. For many who experience homelessness, one of the biggest obstacles they must overcome is a loss of self-esteem.

Emmaus Burnley provides people with a stable home and the opportunity to regain self-worth, making a real contribution to their community. Everytime you shop or donate money or unwanted household goods to Emmaus Burnley, you are helping to keep our communities going.

Research shows that or every £1 invested in a community, there is an £11 social, environmental and economic return, with savings to the benefits bill, health services and a reduction in crime reoffending.

We look forward to welcoming you in store!