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Active Cycles

01254 785986

Active Cycles is the latest addition to Active Lancashire’s wellbeing offer under the ESF-funded More Positive Together and MPT Steps programmes, providing members of the community with access to high-quality recycled bikes.

Thanks to funding from Onward Homes, the project now has a hub based in the Arndale Centre in Accrington. Bikes and parts donated by the public and local recycling centres are recycled by qualified mechanics, resulting in affordable bikes that are certified as safe and roadworthy.

Not only does this mean that the bikes can be sold at a reduced rate but also, through recycling existing bikes and parts, we are all doing our bit for the environment. By selling recycled bikes, we are preventing the need for them to go to landfill and getting more people on their bikes across Lancashire. This means that we are reducing our carbon footprint for years to come.

Visit our shop in the Arndale Shopping Centre, Accrington, BB5 1EX on our opening days to find out more about the project and take a look at the bikes available.

How much does it cost?

  • Adult bikes - £50
  • Children’s bikes - £25 (or £10 if you exchange a bike that you may no longer use).

What should I expect from my bike?

All bikes will be certified as roadworthy by our mechanics. The bike frame will be second hand so there may be some cosmetic wear. Any parts that do not meet our strict standards will be replaced with new parts.

What happens to the funds that are raised?

All funds raised are put back into our charity to enable us to continue our work in this project and deliver new projects across the county.

When can I come to the shop?

Our unit at the Arndale Shopping Centre, Accrington (BB5 1EX) opened on Saturday 22nd October and is open every Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am -3.30 pm. Come along to find out more about the project and take a look at the bikes available.

How do I find out more?

You can come along to the shop to speak to one of our team or alternatively, email [email protected]. You can also call us on 01254 785986.