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We are easy to find using postcode BB5 1PL and also accessible via local buses.

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Accrington Arndale

Accrington Arndale is a shopping centre in Accrington Town Centre, easily accessible via car and bus. We have a wide selection of shops whether you are shopping, enjoying Accrington’s amenities or looking for somewhere to park for work, Accrington Arndale’s car parking is reasonably priced with some cracking offers Prices Payment required 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday - Closed Stay up to: 30 minutes free / NO RETURN 60 MINUTES All Day Parking £1.00 up to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Car parking charges also apply on Bank Holidays. Monthly Parking Permits available from £10.00

For all enquiries contact [email protected] or [email protected].

For Monthly Parking Permits only, please visit:

Our website contains offers for many of the shops in Accrington Arndale along with job vacancies and other useful information about the shopping centre. We also update the website on a regular basis with the latest news and events that you can take part in, enriching your shopping experience in Accrington!